Barbare Elegance 2010

Inspired by his friend Mr. Arnaud, a restaurant owner and distinguished owner of Chateau Cabrieres and Chateau Maucoil in the Châteauneuf-du Pape region in France, Barbare Vineyards tale begins in 2000 when Can Topsakal decided to join the exciting world of winemaking after completing his university education in France. His quest to find the most suitable soil and microclimate for his vineyards took him on a journey from Çeşme in the Aegean region to Tekirdağ in the Thrace region in Turkey. Subsequently, Topsakal purchased 57 acres of land in Tekirdağ to establish Barbare Vineyards and set forth on making his dream a reality with Xavier Vignon, a prominent oenologist and wine consultant for numerous Chateau Wineries in France.
Barbare’s most important ideology and conviction is “to give back to the soil what it has taken” and as a result, is dedicated to cultivating the choicest grapes and organic farming. To endorse this commitment, Barbare applied to Ecocert, the most esteemed organization to receive certification. Ecocert was established in France in 1991 and is an independent inspection and certification body recognizing and certifying organic farming and has been a benchmark in organic certification worldwide ever since.

HKD $320
Tekirdağ, Turkey
Chateauneuf du Pape styled; Organic; 9600 bottles produced a year