Chateau Musar 1995 (RARE)

Though Middle-Eastern wine is something of a novelty in the U.S., wine is nothing new to this area; the cultivation of the vine goes back to the Phoenicians who did a brisk business trading their wares along the Mediterranean sea ports, introducing viniculture into many parts of southern Europe. Perhaps the oldest running wine concern in the region, Chateau Musar has been making fine wine 15 miles north of Beirut since 1930! These are reds of great character and subtlety, decidedly Old World in style. According to the Wine Spectator, "Chateau Musar produces world-class wines that age magnificently." Our notes: This wine had a bright ruby core going to a tinge of dark orange at the rim, with aromas of ripe fruit, fresh spices, and hints of cocoa on the nose. On the palate it was the silkiest(of a vertical I tasted), very round and fleshy. It also had a good crisp core with a long and elegant finish.

HKD $900
Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Very Rare