Domaine Bornard Arbois Pupillin Vin Jaune 2006 (sold out)

There are strict rules relating to the production of Vin Jaune or 'yellow wine' in the Jura. It is matured in old 228 litre casks which are not topped up. The maturation must continue for a minimum of 6 years and 3 months. This means that a film of yeast develops on the surface of the wine (known as a voile) thus protecting it from the oxygen in the gap in the barrel. However some oxidation occurs giving the wine some sherry-like characteristics even though it is never fortified like sherry.

Vin Jaune is very much a cult wine with 50000 people attending the annual festival in Arbois to celebrate the bottling of the current Vin Jaune.

Philippe Bornard
Wines from the Jura are one of the hottest ticket items in wine bars across the globe at present. Why has this obscure wine producing region known mainly for the aged, yellow, savoury Vin Jaune become so popular?

Perhaps it was the flavoursome Savagnin white wines or the delicious Chardonnays that brought it to the forefront, or perhaps it is a reaction to the heavy reds of Australia and the United States with drinkers preferring the lighter, more expressive styles of the Ploussard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir wines from here.

Regardless, we are delighted to be working with Philippe Bornard, one of the region's most exciting natural winemakers. He produces a wide range of wine styles and we order most of them to let you work out which ones you prefer.

Philippe lives in the quaint village of Pupillin which is quite close to Arbois near the Swiss border. He inherited the vineyard from his father and decided to make wine himself rather than sell his grapes to others. He makes his wine under his house which overlooks the village.

The wines cover two appellations. The first is the broader Cotes du Jura and then most of the wines are from the tiny Arbois Pupillin which only applies to grapes grown in the commune of Pupillin. You will notice that in this appellation it is permitted to name the grape variety on the label - which is unusual for France.

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Jura, France
Yellow wine in the Jura matured in old 228 litre casks which are not topped up.