Fattoria Mancini Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir 2017

Impressively distinctive wine that shows wood spice and bright red apple and peach aromas. Quite full-bodied and not unlike a Côte de Nuits white, it is balanced and exudes a subtle herbal freshness.

A product of the richly-fertile soil in the stretch of coastline in northern Marches, this Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir reflects the two centuries-old methods used by the Mancini family to create exquisite wines. Impressive and distinctive, the Pinot Noir grapes showcase spice from the wood with aromas of red apple and peach, finished with a light herbal freshness ideal with pink-fleshed fish lke salmon, ocean trout and tuna.

While we are not sure whether making Pinot Noir off the skins qualifies to be considered an “international” white (we imagine it is), we are convinced that Impero from Fattoria Mancini is one of the region’s best wines.

Pinot Noir has been present in the province of Pescara for almost 200 years, introduced during the Napoleonic era, and so the varietal could now almost be considered to be native. The chalky soil where it is cultivated and the cold microclimate on the high cliffs overlooking the Adriatic are considered ideal to cultivate this grape. The result is a white wine that brings together Burgundy traits with a juicy ‘sweet-green’ Marche acidity.

HKD $485
Marche IGT
Marche, Italy
100% Pinot Noir; 14% alc