Frescobaldi Gorgona 2015

The wine appears a shimmering straw yellow, with subtle greenish highlights. On the nose, scents of hawthorn blossom duet with more decisive notes of citron and citrus , and with well-ripened tropical fruit, while aromas of blueberry and green tea are evident on the finish. The palate is immediately alluring, with an acidity that fashions a cleanly-delineated structure and gives the wine its superb crispness; the acidity, a hint of iodine, and a vein of earthy mineral are all beautifully enveloped by a velvety texture that renders the wine exceptionally well-balanced and pleasurable.

HKD $520 HKD $620
Toscana IGT
Tuscany, Italy
Yearly production 2700 bts; Gift Box, OWC 6 bts