Frescobaldi 'Gorgona' Bianco Toscana IGT 2015

2015 will be remembered as being one of the best vintages,
characterised as it was by temperatures just slightly above the
seasonal average mitigated by constant breezes.
The strong influence of the seas is felt throughout the seasons:
autumns are not excessively rainy and winters are mild, leading
into fresh springs that herald hot but airy summers. For all these
reasons, the initial phenological growth stages come about ten
days earlier when compared to the longer growing seasons found
further inland.
Winter was characterised by heavy showers during its early
stages, and more regular rainfall in the later, colder months.
Spring wasn’t particularly wet, the sparse significant showers
notwithstanding, and total rainfall was below the seasonal
averages. Summer was also free of excessive rain, with the
exception of August where showers were comparable to those in
the later part of winter. Finally, rainfall was limited during the
harvest season, which provided the opportunity to have wellripened
and healthy grapes.

HKD $850
Toscana IGT
Tuscany, Italy
Best Italian White by James Suckling