Karnas Zinfandel 2015

A complex nose of red fruits, rosemary and thyme, followed by rootstock, mocha, tobacco and black pepper. In the mouth, a fruity, well-balanced wine - full bodied, with strong acidity and round tannins – which can be aged for 10 to 15 years.
Karnas is home to the first vineyard to plant the Zinfandel variety in Turkey.
Karnas wines are produced in Bodrum, within the boutique winery at Karnas Vineyards. The wines are produced by a family in its own single vineyard using traditional techniques. The reds are full bodied, deep colored and aromatic, reflecting the characteristics of the terroir - calcareous soil, salty morning and afternoon winds from the Aegean sea, and the dry and sunny climate. They are not filtered, and can age comfortably for 10 to 15 years. Karnas reds were the first and unique wine to be produced in the ancient wine region at the Bodrum area called Karaova.

HKD $390
Bodrum, Turkey
First Zinfandel in Turkey