Kastro Tireli Syrah Mourvedre 2013

Live and bright dark burgundy look ... In the first place there is a very light oak association followed by rich spices and red forest fruits ... Carpaccio, cloves, cinnamon, currants, blackberries ... The springy associations that prominently stand out in this place, leaves the forest fruit ... Strong tannins, strong acid and strong alcohol ... The balanced and elegant high-end wine that the triangle is built on top. In the long final, a mild vanilla connotation remained a bunch of sweet red forest fruites.
Based on the archeological discoveries, the first settlements in Akhisar date back to 3,000 B.C. The history of winemaking in Anatolia is estimated to correspond to those times. Being a center for trade dating back to the times of the Hittites, Akhisar (Thyateira) was the most important town of the North Lydian civilization and throughout history, had been home to many civilizations such as the Phrgians, Lydians, Romanians, Persians, and Seljucks. Also once conquered by Alexander the Great, Akhisar was field to many battles between the Arabs and Byzantines. It was assumed by the Saruhan principality in the 14th century, as the Turkish influence increased.

HKD $325
Aegean, Turkey
Organic; Alcohol: 14.7%; 85% Syrah & 15% Mourvèdre