Tamada Rkatsiteli Qvevri Orange 2014

Attractive orange peel, barley sugar, hay and rose petals. Rich and oily textured tannins. Beautiful layers. Raisined apples and earthy tones. The orange tawny colour displays the style of wine. The finish has a nice bitter apple peel dryness.

This qvevri Rkatsiteli from fruit grown in the village of Vardisubani comes from the Tamada range of PDO wines from large producer GWS (Georgian Wines and Spirits Company). The wine spends a year in used barriques after its time in qvevri. It’s bright gold in color, with a pretty scent combining doughy richness, walnut butter, umami and a sweet barley sugar note. It is an accessible and attractive reading of the qvevri style, with rounded flavors of apple and apricot, soft, ripe acidity, limpid textures, and a nutty finish. This is a clean and fresh style - 'let’s have qvevri wine without diseases,' says chief winemaker Philippe Lespy.

HKD $320
Kakheti, Georgia
Very golden and delicious!